Sunday, March 6, 2011

Stand Before The Firing Squad - 2005 Electric Narcoleptic

Band : Stand Before The Firing Squad
Album : Electric Narcoleptic
Release Year : 2005
Genre : Grindcore / Jazzcore / Experimental

Tracklist : 
01. With Friends Like You (Who Needs Gang Rape)
02. An Argument For/Typical Teenage Retort
03. Cannonbal
04. Topic of Conversation

Stand Before The Firing Squad pack enough into 4 songs that an entire album isn't even necessary. In case you weren't able to figure it out from their band name, these guys are really, really heavy. More specifically, they play that style of controlled chaos so appropriately dubbed Mathcore. Electric Narcoleptic is the band's Debut release, and they really hit the ground running. Electric Narcoleptic clocks in just under 10 minutes long, 10 minutes of nonstop, in your face, lightning fast brutality.


  1. TIght!!! I am the guy on the right of your hand side... i'm glad people still listen to this platinum selling demo

  2. this ep is awesome!! do you have band right now??

  3. He plays bass in a band called Robot Ears.

  4. hey thanks Zach!!!
    found the band. The band influence is Paramore and BTBAM, fucking awesome!!! i love the music!!