Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tiny Moving Parts - 2010 Moving To Antarctica

Band : Tiny Moving Parts
Album : Moving To Antarctica
Release Year : 2010
Genre : Post-Hardcore / Mathrock / Progressive

Tracklist :
1.For the Sake of Brevity   
2.I Remember My First Bear P.1   
3.I Remember My First Bear P.2   
4.Weather Too Unbearable For This Bear To Bare   
5.You Have No Idea How High I Can Fly   
6.I Don't Care, Larry Bird?   
7.We Don't Cross Fingers...   
8.I'll Sum This Up
Dicovered this band from, and i found Nico have posted their previous release on
I Just Got This Blog Goin'. So i decide to posting their latest album, actually they spread this album for free on their Bandcamp. Well, Tiny Moving Parts is a Mathrock Progressive band from Fargo/Moorhead area, their sounds like Tera Melos mix with The Fall of Troy, you can imagine what it's sound like. Well, here's the note about Moving to Antarctica that i take it from their Tumblr :

Moving To Antarctica Explanation
There is a bear stuck in the horrible weather up north, and all of his family is either dead or dying, and he knew things had to change. Starting a family was part of his goal; the other main part was to move to Antarctica. So he eventually searches and ends up finding a female bear. He told her the terrible news and she believed everything he said, thence they started their own family. After a while they made a couple wonderful cubs, and began their journey to Antarctica. Many horrible and beautiful moments happen throughout the whole process. At the end the male bear who started this whole idea realizes he found love, and love was the main thing he needed in his life, not just a new location to dwell in.

So it’s basically a huge metaphor for anything in your everyday life that deals with trying to survive or perhaps reach for a goal of anything, and realizing on the way or the ride of trying to complete the task, the effort and the hope you put into the mission is more important than actually completing it.

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