Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tristan Tzara - 2002 Da Ne Zaboravis

Band : Tristan Tzara
Album : Da Ne Zaboravis
Release Year : 2002
Genre : Screamo / Emo Violence

Tracklist :
01 - ah feel like ah said
02 - schizophrenia
03 - a mad gleam
04 - song 4
05 - untitled #3
06 - tarotplane
07 - come on jane

Tristan Tzara was a screamo / hardcore band from Dortmund, Germany. Their name is taken from founding dadaist Sami Rosenstock who used “Tristan Tzara” as his pseudonym.
The Orchid cameo appearance in the landscape at the turn of hardcore 99/2000 years has created many imitators. Tristan Tzara, training of American heiress, is one of them, those for whom violence is an emo way of living and dying at once.
The Surrealists wanted to change the life, in the words of Rimbaud found in madness, dreams and the unconscious new forms of inspiration. Tristan Tzara pays tribute to the movement by sublimating his anger level to its climactic.
From the first seconds of "Ah Feel Like Ah Said" which refers bluntly "Golden Age" of The Death Of Anna Karina, Tristan Tzara exhumed so the tradition of screamo dagger sharp and wrenching in the manner of contemporary Raein or Louise Cyphre. Fever and ferocity animate so as usual this hardcore raging and suffocating.

Obsessed by the theme of mental illness, closely examine the precipice, Tristan Tzara pushes the boundaries of the disposal and into the heart of the mud, where the voices unravel for survival against the blades of the guitars. As in music Orchid, model, Da Do Zaboravis proceeds by successive waves of acute and repeated riffs maddening. The wave is amplified gradually to a maximum and gradually buried the tracks finally at an end, abruptly chopped jerky ("Untitled # 3"). No breath of air, therefore, to "A Mad Gleam", slightly flattened and carried by a net of spoken word will be the only time the combo loosens the grip, something like divining the Yage.
Da Do Zaboravis is a hearing test inaccessible directed primarily at amateurs screamo sickly and destructive. With a savagery unusual due to a concentrated effort in a very short period (just over 8 minutes to 6 pieces in 2002. Republication of 2005 added the instrumental track "Come On Jane"), the album is pride to the epic tradition and syncopated ("Untitled # 3") but may be suffering in the final analysis of a feeling of deja (too?) heard.

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