Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wildfires - 2011 Fear Will Rust

Band : Wildfires
Album : Fear Will Rust
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Hardcore / Sludge

Tracklist :
01 Where The Haunted Go
02 To Have Felt a Presence
03 In a World of Ghost
04 Gnawing at The Gamut
Wildfires formed around early 2009 as The Ghost Is Clear. By the first proper show played (June 7th, 2009 in Moss Point, MS), we had already endured multiple lineup adjustments and an obvious name change. A demo was recorded with this lineup, but not more than a few months after, another durastic lineup change took place, at which point the Qualms EP was recorded with Max Binet on guitar and vocals, Grant Leblanc on bass and vocals, Dave Graeff on guitar, and Jeremy Randazzo on drums. This lineup played weekend tours, and generally out of town as much as possible, not to mention copious local shows opening for City of Ships, Stinking Lizavetta, The Unclean (ex-Acid Bath), and the like. Come summer 2010, a split with Moose was recorded and released, which would be the last album to feature Grant on bass. A replacement for bass was secured in Jon Romein, and a 9 day southern tour (Mississippi, Tennesse, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana) was booked with Moose to promote the split. By fall of the same year, the band would decide to continue on as a three piece, replacing Romein with Tyler Harper and shedding a second guitarist. After around a month of practicing and writing new materal, this lineup made it's debut opening for Eyehategod in late October. Almost one month later to the day, the 'Fear Will Rust' EP was tracked at 308 Voorhies St by Broken Art Recordings, who also recorded the 'Qualms' EP less than one year earlier. Not long after, Adam Harris was recruited into Wildfires as a second guitar player.  

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