Monday, November 7, 2011

Guantanamo - 2007 Guantanamo

Band : Guantanamo
Album : Guantanamo
Release Year : 2007
Genre : Hardcore | Punk

Tracklist :
01 - Proud to be minority
02 - Guantanamo - Escape for Play
03 - Pembunuh
04 - Anti Poser

Oldskool hardcore band from Surabaya, Indonesia, with a little bit raw sound they bring us to the middle of 80's. I've been a band with their bassist once in awhile and playing a kind of post-hardcore but the band is split up now, but i plan for the reunion in the near future!! Ok, talk about this EP, it's 4 songs on it and like a typical oldskool hardcore/punk band, the songs is fast and kick ass, and the lyrics is full of critical issues. It's a good band and a good sound too!! Well, just check them out now and enjoy!!

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