Friday, September 7, 2012

Deadly Eye Candy - 2008 Tales Of Terror and Suspense EP

Band : Deadly Eye Candy
Album : Tales Of Terror and Suspense EP
Release Year : 2008
Genre : Experimental | Metal | Freestyle

Tracklist :
1. 3 Centos and a Bottle of Moca Mola
2. Bernice Worden Vs 22 Caliber Rifle
3. Dial M For Murder
4. Tales Of Terror and Suspense
5. They Severed Head

This is my favorite local band, they're awesome!!
Deadly Eye Candy is an experimental quartet from Bogor, West Java.
Started as another band project by Mr.Chainshaw as the lead vocal with his local hometown mates. they are Sleep-O on bass, Hell Kid on guitar, and Big Momma on drums.
with their totally different musical background they decided to make an experimental metal band with so many genres mixed up.In one song they put heavy guitar riffs and some metal core beats and suddenly in the middle part they changed it into a danceable swing music or with some jazzy guitar riffs. And last but not least Mr. Chainsaw’s unique way of singing, screaming and growling has add a different taste to their musical style.
After months of experimenting on sounds and music, they decided to make their first EP, which was finally released on march 2008 by a local indie label from Jakarta called FASTYOUTH RECORDS. Their unique music and sound soon captured ears of teenagers on many major cities in Indonesia. On November 2007 they went on a Java - Bali tour with their hometown partner Last Pain, performing on big cities like Semarang, Surabaya, And their breathtaking closing act at Twice Bar- Kuta Bali.
Early on 2008 Sleep-O and Big Momma decided to leave the band to concentrate on other issues. They were replace by Kiddy Buddy on drums, a very talented young musician, and Kinky Val a cute female playing Bass.

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