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Love Like... Electrocution - 2003 Love Like... Electrocution

Band : Love Like... Electrocution
Album : Love Like... Electrocution
Release Year : 2003
Genre : Experimental | Screamo | Progressive

Tracklist :
01 We Only Fuck to Black Sabbath vol.4
02 The Truth of the Matter is I Am Satan
03 We've Built Our Tombs and Now We're Sleeping in Them
04 Das Plague (French for Germans)
05 Hunger Like Numb Toes on an Os
06 With Horses in Her Eyes, She Spat Like a Wildcat
07 The Graduate Walks with a Dist
08 The Tropics of Cancer,Capricorn and a Smashed Face
09 This Charade Has Lasted Past the Curtains Fall
10 Tips for Avoiding the Clap. 1.
11 I May Have Cried a River for H

Love Like…Electrocution, Australia’s own spazz princes, are Down Under’s answer to bands like Hot Cross and Saetia. They blend screamo and metal in one fucked-up stew and spit the contents in your face, begging for a reaction.
LLE are a sextet that uses all of their members to their full potential. Like the above-mentioned groups, the music here is often technical and complex. There’s a lot going on and a lot of energy contained within five inches of compact disc. Often the drummer is going crazy with some fast scattershot beats or keeping the members in check with a precisely executed breakdown. The guitars are overlapping and mesh together. There’s some high speed noodling and a driving rhythm. All of this compliments the dual vocalist structure well. The lead vocals are screamed in a higher register with a strained voice. The backups are shouted back and they are often in unison.
Thankfully with song titles as ironic, comic and nonsensical as: “We Only Fuck to Black Sabbath Vol. 4″ & “Tips for Avoiding the Clap. 1 I Wouldn’t Piss on a Scorpion if it Was on Fire,” LLE is a group that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The messages aren’t heavy handed, and in fact without a lyric sheet they are almost indecipherable. It would be nice to know what all the fuss and screaming was about, but unfortunately you don’t get that satisfaction.
Overall, though, this is a mixed effort. The group, with all the musicians’ complexities and intricacies, is tight but could be tighter. The songs are short and therefore deliver a to-the-point punch, but after listening to the disc on repeat it can begin to sound like just under 20 minutes of straight screaming, each song no different than the last. So in one simple statement, at times Love Like…Electrocution can be either the ultimate motivational tool and energy pill or the ultimate headache inducer.

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