Monday, March 14, 2011

Lolita Storm - 2001 Sick Slits EP

Band : Lolita Storm
Album : Sick Slits EP
Release Year : 2001
Genre : Electronic / Noise / Digital Hardcore / Experimental

Tracklist : 
1 Annabelle
2 Rosaline
3 Omelda
4 Suzy (Straight Version)
5 Candy
6 Natasha
7 Suzy (Noise Version)
Lolita Storm is the perfect pop band for the 21:st century. Three young women sharing the microphone, backed up by tall, Jon Spencer look-a-like, Jimmy Too-Bad's rounds of primal sampler squalls. Their debut album "Girls Fucking Shit up" was the sound of lovely 60's girl group pop, run over by a breakbeat bulldozer fuelled on a cocktail of teenage hormones and cheap amphetamines. Repeatedly.
Their "Sick Slits" EP sees the twisted corpse electro shocked back to life, a high voltage wire twitching it into a danse macabre. It's darker, slightly more complex and more disturbing than before.
The seven tracks, all brilliantly carrying girl's names, see Lolita Storm pushing their equipment and throats to the limit. The noisy, pulverizing rhythms collide with almost Skinny Puppy-esque, cheap string samples and electronic noise. But just when you're about to think you've had enough, they kick start a chorus that sends you straight to pop heaven. And the average song length is two minutes. They're in a league of their own. 

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