Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Drawing Mountains - 2011 Sequential Patterns

Band : Drawing Mountains
Album : Sequential Patterns
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Progressive | Indie | Mathrock

Tracklist :
2.Rocks and Minerals   
3.Early Bird Chemical Sale   
4.Cardinal Directions   
5.Sequential Patterns   
7.Greater Perfect System   
9.Sequential Patterns
11.Sequential Patterns

Founded in 2008 in Metro-Detroit, Michigan. Drawing Mountain is suddenly hypnotizing me with their new album "Sequential Patterns", dude, this is so fucking good!! They playing kinda indie/prog/math and their sound is like Tera Melos but in the softer way. I never heard or listen to them before, until the dude from this band send me their Bandcamp link, thank you so much for this!!! They also add a saxophone and playing a jazzy music on Sequential Patterns (track 5), which is more look like experimental music in here, and also featuring Matt Finch from MOTH on Sequential Patterns (track 9). Well, all in all this album is worth to listen, but i'm not giving it for free cause the band didn't allowed me to doing this, but you can stream it full on their Bandcamp and there's a cheap download there. If you like this band please buy it for keeping the band to make music so you still can hear their music!! But don't worry, the band is giving their previous EP for free, and you can get it HERE!! For fans of Tera Melos, This Town Needs Gun, and for all indie/math lover!! Enjoy!!!

2009 Venture EP

Tracklist :
1.War Paint
2.A Panoramic Dream
4.Banja/Post-Traumatic Stress   
7.In The Dark