Monday, March 14, 2011

Maths - 2008 MMVII

Band : Maths
Album : MMVII
Release Year : 2008
Genre : Screamo / Hardcore

Tracklist :
1. 2346
2. II
3. IV
4. This is Forever (Demo)
5. A Well Documented Case Of Severe Autism (Jerome's Dream Cover)
6. And We Have Killed
7. How Shall We Comfort Ourselves
8. Murderers of All Murderers
9. Of All That The World Has Yet Owned
10. What Sacred Games Shall We Have To Invent
11. Must We Outselves Not Become Gods Simply To Appear Worthy Of It
12. And We Have Killed (Acoustic Version)
13. Breathe As If It Were A Story (Ambient Mix)
14. Live Show 9/11/07 (Recorded Queen Charlotte, Norwich)

Its good stuff, It is proper 90's style Screamo like Jeromes Dream (who are in fact covered) or City of Caterpillar only the songs are quiet as epically long (in terms of CoC) and are techi to the max. But I think you get the idea, that its that frantic guitaristry, with the little slow melodic bits and the manic vocals. This is no exception, the vocals are fantastic and heartfelt, the guitarmanship is exception really adding to the emotion behind each song even helping to halfway convey which emotion is being expressed, the drumming also melds beautifully into the tracks helping to set the pace.
This is mine blowing stuff, the CD compiles the new song, the 2007 tour demo, the 6 track EP, some alternative mixes and a complete live show.
However the lyrics for "ii" & "iv" can be found on their Myspace. But this is still good stuff on pure aural pleasure alone.

All the tracks are pretty noteworthy, and the added remixes are certainly a very nice touch. Im really feeling "How Shall We Comfort Ourselves" at the moment, but this is a bright star among a galaxy.  The new track, "2346" is an epic 6 minutes in length and despite the recording being a little quiet (unless Zen is going for Jeff style vocals) although this does pick up, is still a good number with some nice little guitar moments and some somber bass lines which really help to give the track shape and I particularly like the mass scream out that occurs towards the end. The Jeromes Dream cover is particularly awesome too with the band even seeming to employ the same vocal technique the Jeff does (a la no mic).
Certainly a CD to own if you've just got into Maths or if you missed the Demo and Ep's when they came out, or even if you just want it for the Bonus material. I enjoy it and there's no reason why you shouldn't. So basically, if you're into stuff like Pg.99, Jeromes Dream or City of Caterpillar then you'll get into this.

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