Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Kingsford Run - 2011 MMXI Demo

Band : The Kingsford Run
Album : MMXI Demo
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Chaotic / Mathcore / Experimental

Tracklist :
 01 Clubbing Seals
02. Arrows
03. Dead Dogs for Quarters

Monstrous, ugly, heavy, massive, sludgy metalcore. "Dead Dogs For Quarters" is one of the
best metalcore songs in years. If you like The Chariot of Norma Jean, just don't miss this one!

NOTE taking from their blogspot :
we're the kingsford run: an experimental band from simi valley, ca. we're a four-peice consisting of miles west on guitar, jason yarger on vocals, kevin leekley on drums and rafael tamayo on bass.

we draw influences from a butt-load of various bands such as fear before the march of flames, converge, botch, sex positions, comadre, the chariot, ceremony, don the reader, leathermouth, deadhead, charles bronson, flux of pink indians, pg.99, trash talk, coalesce, some girls, curl up and die, narrows, pink floyd, la dispute, trap them, the jonbenet, isis, purple mercy, showbread, the bled, every time i die, ...who calls so loud, mammoth grinder, the blood brothers, scarlet, punch, bowie, pelican, gallows, amanda woodward, breather resist, fugazi, sabertooth zombie, you and i, blues, norma jean, and black flag. pretty much anything we listen to. but you can decide for yourself what we sound like.

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