Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quadrilles - 2010 {[(Q)]}

Band : Quadrilles
Album : {[(Q)]}
Release Year : 2010
Genre : Indie / Mathrock

Tracklist :
1.The Turks Are Restless
2.Noah The Drill
3.That Home Made Taste/Mostly Dead
4.Inuitses (Live)

Three piece London band produce fine Mathy three track of catchy, grimy fun. Lead track Noah the Drill has a delightful country-tinged lead riff, instantly appealing and inspires immediate head nodding/booty shaking/toe-tapping (delete as appropriate). It builds upon itself admirably, and whilst it never ascends to anything mind-blowing, it wanders around a number of sections that all coalesce sweetly into a vagabondian mixture like Pavement jamming with The Fall.

Vocals join the mix on The Home Made Taste/Mostly Dead and they have a nasal, dry quality reminiscent of the love child of The Clash's Mick Jones and Nizlopi's Luke Concannon, an odd mix that sits a little awkwarldy against their quirky, choppy sound. Closing track The Turk's Are Restless has the kind of drum beat, courtesy of Paula Faircloth, that is most reminscent of imitation post-punkers Bloc Party and their respective immitators. When things calm down there are some eerie cooing backing vocalcs that drift alongside the lively instrumentation excellently, as the tracks picks itself back up it arranges itself into a pleasingly danceable strut and seems open for a reappearance of the EP's earlier vocal sneers to off-set the lightweight tune. Instead it ends apruptly, smartly, inviting you to push play again.

When Quadrilles steer clear of a song, in the more traditional sense of the word, they can come up with something, whilst not exactly special, fun. Given this is their debut there's a chance they're still figuring out what works best for them (when recorded), and there's strong evidence to suggest once they've refined their sound they could be a good, reliable band with some strong, memorable tunes.

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