Saturday, April 16, 2011

Quartier Rouge - 2009 Les Années Lumières

Band : Quartier Rouge
Album : Les Années Lumières
Release Year : 2009
Genre : Mathcore | Noisecore | Experimental

Tracklist : 
1. Prophétie Canine
2. Le Déluge
3. Inpetto
4. Main Cramée
5. Les Feux De La Rampe
6. Accueillir Le Dauphin
7. Mange Le Monde
8. L'Heure Verte
9. Douche Dorée
10. Urizen

Another Throatruiner release, Quartier Rouge (red light district in English) is a noisy hardcore/metal band. Their sound is heavily based in 90's noise rock (an impression aided by the vocalist, who does his best David Yow impression through the entire record), but that’s only a starting point. There’s too really too much going on here to be encapsulated by mere genre tags. Just off the top of my head I can recall hearing parts reminding me of black metal, punk, sludge, and more abstract noise along the lines of Sightings or Lightning Bolt. The only unifying theme is abrasiveness and volume. This is far from easy listening, and is sure to piss off mom. A challenging and innovative listen, highly recommended. -junkgod

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