Sunday, April 10, 2011

Resurrectionists & Arse Moreira - 2010 Split 6 inch Vinyl

Band : Resurrectionists & Arse Moreira
Album : Split 6 inch Vinyl
Release Year : 2010
Genre :  Screamo | Emo Violence

Tracklist :
01 Ode to Battle (Intro) - Resurrectionists
02 Bathory - Resurrectionists
03 Human Drama - Arse Moreira
04 Isabelle - Arse Moreira

Arse Moreira from Mexico takes off with two hectic and chaotic screamo tracks with of course the typical screaming vocals. The vibe and melodies remind me of La Quiete and bit of Orchid (but Arse Moreira played their songs tighter).
Resurrectionists from Germany seemed to take it easy with a slow and down-tuned intro. This however was only the beginning, as song two “Bathory” evolves into fast eruptions of drums, screamings and raging guitars. Resurrectionists are paying respect to the Bremen School of heavy and noisy metalcore from the late nineties with this song.

I like both of the different sides of the vinyl, two different styles from bands that both add their bit to the hardcore/punk community.

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