Friday, April 8, 2011

Letters in Binary - 2008 Discography

Band : Letters in Binary
Album : Discography
Release Year : 2008
Genre : Chaotic | Mathcore | Experimental

Tracklist :
floppy demo '03 :
1. with barnibus
2. open your mouth hifi

self titled demo :
01 pregnet with potencial
02 with barnibus_.mp3
03 back and to the left
04 cotten candy
05 open your mouth
06 ...
07 memo from mike
08 fig. 414

Pretty And Perpendicular :
01 Captain Analog Vs Doctor Digital
02 Pink As A Pistol
03 ---
04 Doing Pushups With One Broken Arm Is Easier Than Two
05 Dos
06 Dont's
07 Cotton Candy
08 ----
09 With Barnibus
10 Two Birds Looking One Way, One Looking Another
11 My Favorite Cheer
12 Intro To Photography (Swing Kids)
13 open your heart not your watch wrack (no end)

split with Glass Bodies :
01 you were once living cicada
02 captain analog vs doctor digital
03 memo from mike
04 push ups

split with Peter and Craig :
01 you were once living cicada
02 my home is turning into hospital hallways
03 nessys tighty whiteys (a cage-quake in rats ville)

give your brain a boner :
01 flesh net
02 we are clocks
03 mega wooly mammoth panda baby horse bones
04 this siht
05 rape whistle
06 bonermix no b

unreleased demos '04 :
01 Dos and don'ts
02 Open your heart not your wrist wrack

unreleased demos '06 :
01 song for steve bounce 2

Letters in Binary is a three piece from the burbs of detroit. They are ex members of Enkephalin, Rocket! Go! Now!, Spitting Cobra and many others. The band was started in the early days of 2002 by Scott Monaghan and Gregory Dean. Numerous songs were recorded poorly on a four track for a two song demo floppy disk, which was followed long after by an eight song cd ep in june 2003. Then the recruting started and Scott and Greg chose short time friend Colin May for bass guitar fulfillments.

Then after distrubuting the two song demo and eight song cd on the Enkephalin/Phoenix bodies tour to whomever was willing to buy and/or listen. They began to look for their first show and singer. They found a friend (Jason Miller) that was putting together a fest (Bottlerocketfest). They asked, he said yes. They had Their first show. Next a singer. They pulled together and looked and decided on Dan Farabaugh for temporary vocal assistance (who became fulltime). Then the only things to do were wait and practice. and they did. and the show was succesful. Afterwards there was a slight hiatus coinciding with the distance between some members. So they picked up another bassist. Named Matthew Conzett who eventually replaced Colin. More songs have been gratually written and shows have been played.

It's been two years now and they are working on a cd with Conspirators In Sound, that should hopefully be out soon. Recently before entering the studio, Dan , left the band. Now the ones left (Scott/Matt/Greg) have been devolved into a three piece consisting of a creative mind, a passionate heart, and a pair of soft hands for sensual back rubs.

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