Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sleeve - 2010 MasqueradersHometown Report

Band : Sleeve
Album : MasqueradersHometown Report
Release Year : 2010
Genre : Chaotic | Hardcore

Tracklist :
03.Replace & Forget
04.Digital Playground For Roaming Kids
05.Limbo Circles
07.Roswell Overdose
08.Empires True Silhouette
09.Room622:Past Is Never Dead
11.Ghosts And Famous Trails(Secrets Of The Vagabond)

Strictly by organized chaos, Deathcore reinvented, or a wonderful symbiosis of chaos and harmony. Something like that could sum up the debut album from the Berlin short sleeve. After touring now for over three years by clubs in Germany and even abroad, it was finally time for the first album. 2008, the demo was already hungry for more, and with the album sleeve itself will provide the basis for a successful time.

And January 2011 has finally come and bring Sleeve their first album "Masqueraders Hometown report" on the market. In music, primarily the prevailing one. Chaos! Yet that is the focus of the album. It generally revolves around the individual of the people and the self-determination in the chaos of this time. Looking now to the musical aspects, we find these motifs. You hear the discord and confusion of the individual. Again and again you have in front of the eyes and strands of thought, the concept of the album really listen.
However, even the music to convince more than just. Rapid passages alternate with some slow and some rhythmic passages, from structured with breaks. Who says that you have heard it all before with every 0815-Death core or hard-core combo here is a better informed. Because you can never anticipate what comes next. The quartet offers a surprising harmony passages or a short break from the guitar, bass or drums. These breaks loose bring variety to the whole album and it ever again if you get the feeling you could get stuck somehow. And this very fact the album is different from many other albums by Death or hardcore bands. While there will always be respected but strong riffs and good sound, it is in the end, always the same thing that you get to hear. Sleeve stands out clearly from here, and it offers the listener something new. And if you really think the whole range would already be exhausted, which punishes the quartet lies and simply adds up a melodic part that is still supported with good clean vocals, just as you would in "digital playground for roaming kids" can hear. But not only the sheer variety, but also the interaction of the individual instruments is a big plus. All sounds in every detail coherent and fits like chalk and cheese. No instrument is it too short and you can hear all the best ones. The vocals of frontman, who goes by the evocative name "Dude", complete the picture. With aggressive shouts and some spoken passages he drives the sound drum. A roll sound that always points out the lyrics beautifully. Important passages stand out strong and be stressed so wonderful.

And "Rosewell Overdose", a song EP from 2008, was reissued and sporting a new look and is one of the highlights of the album.
Nevertheless, it is very difficult, take out individual songs from the whole album, because by the overall concept of the CD, it only acts as a whole really well. You notice that the structure and the order of the songs together and builds the concept of self-discovery and the Quarter Life Crisis very well back there. Sleeve also provide her with a terrific album artwork, which the chaos and confusion reflects clear .. You could present it alone as a work of art, yet so play all three points together at a very good package.

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