Friday, September 16, 2011

Exiled - 2011 Breathing Sun

Band : Exiled
Album : Breathing Sun
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Progressive | Rock | Ambient

Tracklist :
01 - Galaxies of the Abyss
02 - Sigma
03 - Nebula One: Home
04 - Nebula Two: Breathing Sun
05 - My Head is Clear
06 - Flashbang Voodoo
07 - Division of Jerusalem

Well well, what we got here?? A progressive rock band?? Hell yeah dude, why not?? Exiled is a 4 piece progressive rock/ambient band that came up from Atlanta, GA. Discovered this band from Facebook (again), and i got this album from their keyboardist, well thank you so much for Jeremy Scott Edge for sharing your music here!!

Before i heard this album, i expect that this music would sounds like Dream Theater or a kind, but i was wrong!! And when i heard it, there's more like ambient stuff on it, especially from the first track, and when the second track play, dude, i like the way that the vocalist sing. That's the typical of prog-rock vocal, it reminds me to Symphony X, awesome!! And for the next other track, i think they became more similar to Dream Theater, in the vocal way of course. Well, all in all, this album is really worth to listen!!

Well, if you like progressive rock sound, you better check them out, it's really worth to listen. The band has releaed this album in CD, if you want it you can contact the band, or by visiting their Facebook page!! Enjoy!!

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