Wednesday, October 19, 2011

7 Deadly Sins - 2002 Sometimes, Mostly, in Between

Band : 7 Deadly Sins
Album : Sometimes, Mostly, in Between
Release Year : 2002
Genre : Melodic | Punk Rock

Tracklist :
 1.Wake Up  
2.Unmutual Concerning  
3.Alone And Up  
4.Weirdo One Nite Stand  
5.Shit Happens  
6.U May Not Care  
7.Take Another Take  
8.If Only  
9.Do U Understand  
10.Nothing Left  
11.Getting Fed Up  
12.U May Not Care (Original)  
One of my favorite local band!! Hell yeah they still alive!!! Just read Their biography here, one of the best punk band in my town!!! :

"7 Deadly Sins started with a band that used to be known called TOBASCO in the middle of early 1999 with 4 personel member as : Karel ( Drum ), Terry ( Rhytem ), Pandi ( Bass), David ( vox ) .And as generally as any other band does ,this band started out as a stand underground band where we can get involve and get along with any other underground bands by getting our self into an Audition to join by playing our favourite Punk Rock Band as : Goldfinger, Rancid, Operation ivy, Suicide Machine, NOFX, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and lots more. TOBASCO are kept hangin on underground scene much less a year until they have decided to took a break, coz for some reason one of the member ( david ) needed to carry on with Studies abroad. As David comes back along from the hell of his screwed studies, an idea popped out to get back their feet on the ground and to reformat TOBASCO, the idea was originally came from Terry, with purposes of getting back together and play some music that we love to. The idea was anticipated well among the boys and we finally decide to get a brand new name of our new format band , that’s where we got 7 deadly Sins name from, with new formation, 7 Deadly Sins begun on early year 2001 with a new Bass player called Ais. The name of 7 Deadly Sins was actually given by David which means “ 7 Types of drunken person”. By starting our first stomp in underground scenery, one of the member came up with an idea to produce our own songs by a reason that we have pretty much tired playing peoples songs. We have started far before the band was formed, song has been produced by 7 Deadly Sins themself. As time goes by, song has been compiled, we decided to get our ass out to the recording studio, as everything being done, we carry on with an idea to produced our own fuckin album which our own fuckin dream since we started on the band. Recording Activities were started by a very low budget, long fuckin patience, and we’re so hoping that this album would be our bitter & sweet memory during our days with the underground scenery. 4 months has gone, the album were finished eventually, total track on the album were 13 tracks. Goes off from that moment, Here we are 7 Deadly Sins with our own new album, titled “ SOMETIMES , MOSLTY, IN BETWEEN” with an intention that we could stand our existence and keep up an underground scenery all the way, and hoping that this album could be the tremendous memory album for our old fuckin days ahead.

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