Saturday, October 29, 2011

Miss Black America - 2011 Miss Black America

Band : Miss Black America
Album : Miss Black America
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Chaotic | Screamo

Tracklist :
1. Heshers Unite
2. Back Then I Sang About The Government
3. Corpse Cheque
4. (The Guy Playing Jesus Has Been) Playing Jesus Longer Than Jesus Was Jesus
5. Hurricane Checked My Oil
6. Live Fat, Die Young
7. Funtitled
8. Blue Christmas (ft. Neil Osborne of 54/40)
9. Golden Chowder Soliloquy Practise
10. Stations Of The Cross (Highlight Reel)

Miss Black America lasted from one Sunday to the closest Friday. The band recorded their practises with a 4-track from Sunday to Wednesday, making up songs sometimes quickly and sometimes not as quickly, then played a show on Thursday and did overdubs on songs they already forgot on Friday. Then they convinced Paul Boechler to mix it all in one sitting.
Miss Black America (Featuring members of NORTH OF AMERICA and DBS and DRY FLIES and SLOW KIDS PLAYING FAST and DANNY H. CHRIST HIMSELF, but no one from NIRVANA or PORTRAITS OF PAST). That list convinces you, right? An unabashed attempt at emo hardcore, ft. Neil Osborne of 54/40.
The band broke up after a pretty decent week of being together. So if you like this band, don't forget to buy their vinyl via Boat Dreams From the Hill, a 1-sided, 45 rpm, 180 gram, and only 200 records pressed, so buy it now!!! The link is below!

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