Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My America is Watching Tigers Die - 2008 Stone Age

Band : My America is Watching Tigers Die
Album : Stone Age
Release Year : 2008
Genre : Hardcore | Mathcore | Experimental

Tracklist :
1. Stone Age
2. No Future
3. Brown Concrete
4. Sipper
5. 6/6/86
6. Send More Cops
7. Cannibisaur
8. Xanax Zombies
9. Corona Sports
10. Piss & Vinegar

My America is a three-piece hardcore band with members from both Delaware and New York City. The band formed officially as a four-piece in 2004 as My America is Watching Tigers Die. In late 2008, after the departure of vocalist David Rushman, Matthew Turner (guitars) and bassist Brian Miller (bass) took over the vocal duties. Their sound falls somewhere between “Songs to Fan The Flames of Discontent”-era Refused, Shellac and Unsane.

Delaware based hardcore act My America Is Watching Tigers Die use some gargantuan riffage to channel their Neolithic rock hurling ancestors. Influenced by "life/death and volume," this band of raucous experimentalists play a brutal blend of technical hardcore and metal infused with enough arty twists and turns to keep the disc interesting. With recording duties helmed by Chris Owens of Lords, Stone Age sounds like a cross between hardcore heavyweights the Refused and Circle Takes The Square, with some Heavy Heavy Low Low and older Fear Before The March of Flames thrown in for good measure. The title track is a concise and brain rattling intro that plows full-throttle into the record's battle cry, "No Future." "Kid, you don't know shit," screams frontman Dave Rushman armed with a blood-curdling high pitched yowl. "You don't know all of life's misfortunes / and it's safe to say neither do I." With almost half its tracks clocking in at under three minutes, the record barrels along at with plenty of choppy, contorted riffing. My America Is Watching Tigers Die takes a minor breather from the violent thrashing during the somber bars of "6686," but ups the ante again with more teeth grinding tracks like "Send More Cops" and "Xanx Zombies." -Carolyn Brennan

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