Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ted Nguyent - 2011 Pizza & Regret

Band : Ted Nguyent
Album : Pizza & Regret
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Post-Hardcore | Mathrock | Experimental
Tracklist :
1.Various Books on Death and the Anthropology of Evil   
2.The Cornerstone of the American Judicial System   
4.70 Decibels, Same as Bennigan's   
5.Dudes Night In   
6.Dudes Morning After

Ted Nguyent is an American rock band originally comprised of founding members Michael McGilloway, Travis Arterburn, and James Dobrowolski. They later added Kian Sorouri on the bass after deciding that James wasn’t a competent enough instrumentalist (though they can all agree that the bass is not what one might call a ‘difficult’ instrument). James then acted merely as eye candy before inevitably quitting the band and moving to costa rica. Ted misses him dearly. Their music has been described by Ted Nugent as “an amorphous blend of post-hardcore song structure and punk rock ethos, with a lyrical style reminiscent of the great pop music jokester Weird Al.

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