Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tzara - 2010 Second Hand Thoughts

Band : Tzara
Album : Second Hand Thoughts
Release Year : 2010
Genre : Post-Hardcore | Noise | Experimental

Tracklist :
01 - Advertise Paradise
02 - Nouvelle Vague Conformists like your Parents
03 - 4 AM Condition
04 - Second Hand Thoughts and Dirty Handshakes
05 - Work Culture Failed Romance
06 - The Path Most Travelled
07 - National and Popular
08 - Force-Fed on Nails
09 - The Poet you'll Never Be
10 - Blurred Photographs of a Silent Party
11 - Blueprint of Man
12 - Wasted
13 - Rock'n'Roll Victim (Anti-Nihillist Anthem)

The band is called Tzara, the album is called Second Hand Thoughts. In our Bandcamp there are themes of two previous splits have launched this year to also invite you to listen if you're interested.

I'm not very good at these issues of self-promotion, biographies of bands I think are stupid in general, so I left the music that is all that matters.

The style is a mixture of hardcore, post-hardcore, noise rock, a bit of crust / grindcore and some sludge. The influences are varied, depending on the subject have a bit of Neurosis, some Snapcase, Converge a little, a bit of Unsane, Quicksand some, a bit of Born Against, a little (lot) of Helmet and a little of all that goes to Black Flag Blacklisted, to Fugazi, Refused and Will Haven.