Thursday, November 3, 2011

Only For The Sake Of Aching - 2005 Robotic Society

Band : Only For The Sake Of Aching
Album : Robotic Society
Release Year : 2005
  Genre : Screamo | Emo Violence

 Tracklist :
01 - Intro
02 - Identity Zero
03 - Silent Angels Breaking Dreams
04 - Blinkersyndrom
05 - Das Bin Ich Wirklich
06 - Mediamanipulation
07 - Outro

Germany’s Only for the Sake of Aching (obviously not an emo band, right?) were a part of the up rise in screamo in Europe during the past decade. They has a couple seven inch splits, one with The Third Memory and one with Kias Fansuri and this demo. There was a full length album that had neared completion before the band broke up about four years ago that was never released.

The instrumentation on this album is relatively consistent with general hardcore without ever straying into “emo violence” territory. Because the music fits very squarely into the hardcore category there isn’t really a reason to write home about any of the players. The guitarist provides interesting picking in the softer sections of both Identity Zero and Das Bin Ich Wirklich that provides for a greater variety of mood than the other two songs posses, which is perhaps this release’s greatest weakness. The aforementioned songs have much more overt tones of melody and complexity than Blinkersyndrom and mediamanipulation. That’s not to say that those are bad songs, but they seem to try and go so quickly at times that they lose their focus and composure. Blinkersyndrom especially seems to trip over itself for its thirty-nine second assault in a way that leaves it somewhere between the more “chaotic” versions of screamo and a mini implosion.

The use of multiple vocalists throughout this album only seeks to add to the chaos provided, however it would be nearly inexcusable to omit how amazingly it works in Das Bin Ich Wirklich. While the two vocalists take turns screaming back and forth at each other a third voice speaking in German (I have no idea what he’s saying, I took Spanish) over the melodic guitar work keeps the band from getting in over their heads in terms of chaos, while still managing to create a highly engaging song. Unfortunately Only for the Sake of Aching broke up in 2007 with promises of a full length album that never came. Instead they left us with this demo and five other songs showing a promising punk band that never became all that they could have been. -FilupLees

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