Saturday, December 10, 2011

Brito - 2008 This Wave Is Only For The Good-Hearted

Band : Brito
Album : This Wave Is Only For The Good-Hearted
Release Year : 2008
Genre : Post-Hardcore | Screamo

Tracklist :
4.This Wave is Only for the Good-Hearted   
6.End of an Affair   

Brito (pronounce: Breetow) is a noise/hardcore trio from Groningen, The Netherlands. The band was formed in 2006 by Pascal (guitar, vocals) and AriÙn (bass, vocals).The two know each other from ReflectCriticizeAct (instrumental post-rock), in which AriÙn does spoken word and Pascal plays the drums. AriÙn leaves that band prematurely, however, due to lack of time and work with his other band Elevator Repulsion Noise.

After that, for a number of years they meet only occasionally. During this time Pascal (ex-Office Killer) is playing in Los Asesinos de la Superficialidad and Grinding Halt and AriÙn is working on a jazz/postrock project called People Like Frank. One day Pascal asks Arien to start a new band. While searching for a drummer, they start writing songs in the veins of bands like Shotmaker , Unwound and The Red Scare. After a long search, they are joined by drummer Maarten (ex-Marat, ex-Go revolution Go!).

From the outset AriÙn and Pascal had intended the key characteristic of the music of Brito to be energy. With Maarten playing drums they feel they have finally achieved that aim. Musically, the main influences of Brito come from the nineties: driving, noisy hardcore with screamed emotional vocals.

Powerful emo / hardcore from this dutch gang, pounding riffs, tight, bass driven grooves, hoarse vocals - if you long for a band that builds on the sound of bands such as shotmaker and the red scare, then you should check this out.

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