Saturday, December 3, 2011

Czar - 2011 Old Haunts

Band : Czar
Album : Old Haunts
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Progressive | Grindcore | Psychedelic | Experimental

Tracklist :
01. Elwood
02. Never Shoot the Pilot
03. Le Tenia
04. Amends
05. Clay Pigeon
06. Sluts for Satan

CZAR (formerly known as Osama Bin Rockin ) is a Post Grindcore band spawning from the streets of Tacoma, Washington.

"Very original. "Osama Bin Rockin" would be best described as a psychedelic, dirt, grind band. Czar is the same band but in better taste and with the addition of a piano/synth/keyboard player. Now Czar is like a progressive, golden, grind band."

The quote above is taken from Sputnik Music, and i'm totally agree with it!! Old Haunts is their debut record and it's absolutely fantastic. They got a lot of influences here, from grindcore, progressive, psychedelic, ambient, and a little bit jazz, and they bring it in chaotic style, plus the weird sound that came out from synth/keyboard, which makes it perfect!!!
I realy addicted to this record now, can't stop to play it again and again. I've been waiting for a long time for such a good experimental band like this since The Post Office Gals and The Great Redneck Hope is Disappear from the earth. Well, if you really like a good shit experimental sound, you must listen to them, and buy the physical CD, it's available on their Bandcamp. Thank you so much to D.J. for sharing his awesome band here, keep making a good music dude!! Well, enjoy it!!

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