Thursday, December 15, 2011

Use Value - 2011 Inaccuracy Vs. Confusion

Band : Use Value
Album : Inaccuracy Vs. Confusion
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Indie | Mathrock | Experimental
Tracklist :
 1. Sides  
2. Fire  
3. Circle
4. God  
5. Future

Experimental group based around the nucleus of brothers Thomas Jefferson and Dylan Thomas Walter, which has mostly emphasized dissonance, extended free improvisation and getting too fucked up to remember what they just played. Originally formed in 2007 as Thoughtful Diamond Bites in Portland, Oregon, Use Value counts among its illustrious alumni Austin Piccone, Denny Hansen and Teysha Garrison. Their performances could be characterized as abrasive, awkward, under-attended and occasionally interesting. In 2011, the group reformed with the only original members, the Walter brothers, to record and release The Golden Trough, for sale at

A complete departure from 2011's "The Golden Trough," Use Value's new record, "Inaccuracy Vs. Confusion" finds the band exploring more melodic and structurally refined territory. The album explores the indie guitar rock tradition rooted in the 1990s in a way that is both fresh and familiar, incorporating subtle elements of prog/math-rock and post-hardcore.

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