Friday, January 27, 2012

Mother Night - 2011 Giants in the Electronic Wallpaper

Band : Mother Night
Album : Giants in the Electronic Wallpaper
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Mathrock | Experimental
Tracklist :
 1.B. Parking Structure Planet  
2.Bronanza Bus Lines  
3.Go Go Gadget Guacamole  
4.Orb Weaver Mata Hari  
7.No Princess Left to Save  
8.A Song About Wolverines Fucking Up Your Day  
9.the Whale and the Wasp  
11.A. Cartwheel Buffalo

Mother Night is a three piece instrumental math rock band from New Bedford Massachusetts. Formed in late 2008, the band quickly compiled songs for a debut EP entitled “Extinct Dialects” released April 10th 2010. A new 4 song demo entitled the Communistress Demo was released as a teaser to get the word out on Mother Night’s debut full-length album “Giants in the Electronic Wallpaper” released August 2011.

Well, i never heard of them before, but when i first listening to this album, i think i like it much!! They reminds me to Don Caballero and Chavez a little bit. This album is full of intense math-rock, they also add a kind of electronical music and weird sound effect and it's make this album sounds perfect. It's a highly recommended for those who enjoying math-rock!! Well, enjoy it!!!

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