Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Afraid! - 2009 Megaloklift

Band : Afraid!
Album : Megaloklift
Release Year : 2009
Genre : Screamo | Experimental

Tracklist :
01. Goa
02. Psychogoa
03. Nirvana
04. Stellar life
05. Freak
06. Kava
07. Ha, ha
08. L'ago che succhia e sputa
09. Psycho
10. Odo eye wu
11. Megalöklift
12. Sin-ti

Really good people of Verona Afraid!, and now we offer the best work of their production. If it were not for that song in our language, nothing suggests the origin of the band Italiot Venetian who whirls, with an originality worthy of note, post influences (punk and hardcore), screamo and drifts psychedelic passages, accompanying the whole with a strong sensibility for catchy choruses and danceable pseudo (at least in pieces pulled). But do not think the awkward compromise of dance-punk more vulgar, but a rough version of lysergic and inimitable AT THE DRIVE IN, coupled with a passion for the wave, the good, the '80s. A beautiful drawing Bassone pumped laps which intervenes on the hypnotic voice shrill and nervous singer and an organ of another era, yet mixes well in a vegetable soup prepared by five.
One of the best albums of the year, noisissime recommended for your holiday. 

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