Saturday, March 17, 2012

Coalspur - 2012 At Aulis

Band : Coalspur
Album : At Aulis
Release Year : 2012
Genre : Screamo

Tracklist :
01. I Kant Make You Love Me
02. Hegel Exercises
03. Girl's Not Greg
04. Veni, Veni, Veni

Edmonton, a new haven for hardcore; where the weather is cold and the bands are brutal. Books of Cavern, Mahria, and Todos Caeran should be well-known to you by now, as well as the mass amount of skramz bands coming out of ‘ole Canada these days. Amongst all the talent is a trio of dudes who ‘play sad/angry songs’ that go by the name of Coalspur. They have released a demo and two other EP’s. Just recently, they released their third EP, ‘At Aulis’ over at their bandcamp.
To say the least, ‘At Aulis’ is fantastic. It’s one of the most surprising EPs that has come out this year (so far). I’ve been listening to it day by day all this week and it hasn’t gotten old in the slightest. They do an excellent job of combining some melody into the skramz while also including a tinge of post-rock influence (as Emeril Lagasse would say…’BAM’!). Starting with their catchy opening riff in ‘I Kant Make You Love Me’ to the ending drums in ‘Veni, Veni, Veni’.
Combined with heart-wrenching lyrics, powerful vocals, and a heavy hitting band, Coalspur could very well solidify their existence as another premiere band coming out of Edmonton. You could probably expect this to be on my ‘Best of 2012’ list later on this year. -realscreamo


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