Monday, August 27, 2012

Errata - 2012 Cognac Al Dente

Band : Errata
Album : Cognac Al Dente
Release Year : 2012
Genre : Chaotic | Mathcore | Jazz | Experimental

Tracklist :
01. Have Another Scone
02. Gondola
03. Miss Discord
04. Venus En Code
05. Post-Coital 15%

From freaky clown porn, painted homage’s to the Bee Gees on velvet to bootleg Chinese occult movies, everything you crave is at your nasty little fingertips. In a random happenstance stumbling of clicks, and tweets I was directed to a band out of Australia called Errata, and man, the noise from the other side of the world is chaotic, and mighty. The profile of the band is very tongue in cheek, but literal, with a sense of chaotic, shameless miasma that frequents Jacob Bannon’s Absolutely Essential To Music label Death Wish. Errata, is an artistically violent snuff film of a band. Errata’s sound is a welcome harken back to a sound that I thought was all but mummified. Flashes of mid to late nineties technical hardcore wrapped in devastatingly viable riffs paint a vivid picture of a sonic morgue with screeching guitar riffs that one minute are Pg. 99 and the next are straight off a Mike Patton record. One minute it’s artistic torture orgy with bells and whistles and whispers into the mic ala Nick Cave, and the next second is bloody fucking terror featuring the best riffs Orchid or Love Lost but Not Forgotten never used. 

To hear a band actually get the timings right, to understand it’s not ALL about the brutality, is plainly, refreshing. It’s great to see that so far away, just maybe something is brewing that isn’t just a simple chugging riff that you can bounce around to. There are no basketball shorts or straight brimmed baseball hats. No one is slapping their chests in an effort to prove who’s the mightier shaved ape. This is the thinking man’s game. Colorful busts of machine gun tempos wrapped in full figured slam fuck legs, it’s sexy as a used whore left for dead, but carefully placed just so, so that the police are left stupefied by the killers motive. There is a group of people who desire to ride a musical rollercoaster, to feel like they’re charting into the unknown. There’s a violent mystery in the absence of austerity, and letting all of the nicks and scars show in scrawled, pugnacious tones.Errata showcase moments of Candiria before they went all Christian, and terrible are resound through their debut record “Cognac El Dente”

“Cognac el Dente” is a solid first offering that has fits of musical identity crisis in one fitting, Picasso on speed, but making out with a razor blade kind of way. Errata have fits of whiskey, and good pot induced stoner jams for a second, while the art school drop out comes screaming back within seconds.

“Cognac el Dente” is a view into the mind of where The Postman Syndrome should have went. The timings with the off kilter jazz saxophone are a fun, deliberate punch in the neck, on the track “Gondola”, but the real absolute chainsaw to the head, chair through the window craziness that true tech head seek is right in the opening seconds of “Miss Dischord”. Calling back to a sound of when Dillinger Escape Plan was still relevant, it’s a furious piece with sonic layers of Mike Patton, Isis, and some Kid A era Radiohead.

This isn’t mindless noodling for the sake of having fast fingers, or technical prowess, it’s a powerful exorcism in displaying that the kids who grew up on Botch, Coalesce, Converge, Pig Destroyer, the aforementioned DEP, and various Mike Patton projects, may have grown up a little, but are still capable of crushing blasts of brilliance.Errata are creating some wonderful violence in the poisonous vacuum known as Australia. -Robert Dean (MoonRunner)

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