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Me and Him Call It Us - 2003 The (C:) Drive Of Love Series

Band : Me and Him Call It Us
Album : The (C:) Drive Of Love Series
Release Year : 2003
Genre : Grindcore | Mathcore | Experimental

Tracklist :
1. Number One
2. There Is No Question Mark Button On This Computer
3. Intermission I: The Hollow Anchor's Despair
4. Innocent Bystanders Watched In Horror As Peter Jennings Drew His Murder Weapon
5. Intermission II: The Suspense, Prorogation, And Finally Descent Of Edwin Daunterbury
6. Infrared Light; Don't Talk To Me About Quantum Physics
7. Intermission III: The Pale Ghost At Sea And The Fingers Aquiver
8. A Rotten Set Of Bagpipes Can Make A Fantastic Miniskirt If Sewn Properly
9. Intermission IV: May The Tide Companion Thee To Shore

Me and HIm Call It Us are good at their game. One thing I like in particular is the lack of constant blast beats. Not that I don't enjoy the occasional 210 bpm blast, but I certainly don't enjoy my entire 45 second song to be blasted. This means that one can actually tell the difference between each song, a nice touch that some grind bands forget about.

However, the thing that makes this album so great is not the lack of blast beats but instead the fact that this is a true album, rahter than a random compilation of songs. I'm not saying that I think endless hours of thought went into assembling the songs in a perfect order, but I do believe that they did a fine job. The reason I like the way it is put together is the opposite methods of music presented in the album. Imagine a song by some progressive metal band. It has the heavy sections, it has the light sections, and though they have a different style or modd, they are still never too far removed from each other. On this album, the intermissions are dramatically different from the songs.

One might think it ironic that the intermissions are so considerably longer than the "feature" songs on the album but I don't. I feel like each feature is such a blast of power that one needs recovery time in a sense and that recovery time is longer than the actual event. I guess I will equate it to a broken bone. It happens fast and hard and the recovery time is long.

I feel somewhat uncomfortable calling this straight grind because it's not (actually, i would've called it grindcore but I won't comment on my opinion of the difference between grind and grindcore here). Maybe I'd call it experimental or progressive grind, but lately, it seems like all the good grind bands are doing something different. Needless to say that isn't a bad thing but the genre is in a way falling apart because so few of the bands actually sound the same, they just happen to have one overriding style that comes back and links them. For example, A Rotten Set Of Bagpipes Can Make A Fantastic Miniskirt If Sewn Properly has a section that verges on doom. A number of the songs feature nearly beatdownable breakdowns were it not for the fact that they are so short. I like this band and what they do. They aren't perfect but they are good and they have some really cool ideas. -Dancin' Man (SputnikMusic)

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