Monday, August 27, 2012

Heisenberg - 2011 Immaginarie Linee Matematiche Tra Cielo e Terra

Band : Heisenberg
Album : Immaginarie Linee Matematiche Tra Cielo e Terra
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Post-hardcore | Screamo | Experimental

Tracklist :
1. Majorana Aveva Ragione...
2. ...Eppure Aveva Torto
3. Incontrarsi A Copenhagen
4. Punto Omega (Dove Il Cuore e Lontano Da Tutto)
5. Punto Omega (Il Lamento Del Tempo)

As part of the reality whose connections are made?? by quantum theory, then the laws of nature do not lead to a complete determination of what is happening in space and time, the occurrence (within the frequencies determined by means of connections) is rather put the game of chance. In this cosmic chaos suspended between hesitation and meetings in the rain are born the Heisenberg, a beautiful surprise that comes directly from the capital city. Their debut EP to the general public with the curious title "Imaginary Lines Mathematical Between Heaven and Earth". Five powerful traces for a period of seventeen minutes. The Heisenberg are difficult to describe because they are aligned with their own style very personal. A mixture of Raein, Do Nascimento, Sed Non Satiata, Suis La Lune and mixed with the atmosphere of the most delicate Penfold. I could say screamo but it seems simplistic primarily because hearing this EP is perceived from every pore the desire of the group to move toward more personal musical territory. To breathe the beauty of the atmosphere and the power of their sound just feel "Meeting in Copenhagen" and "omega point (the lament of the time)", you will feel that the whole class knows this issue. The latest copies of the EP in physical format are available in limited edition of, while in March will also vinyl. The Heisenberg proved to have both the muscles and the head to be seen whether they will know when you grow up to give us that crisp feeling you have when you hurtling running at full speed.

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