Monday, November 14, 2011

Coins As Portraits - 2011 Form and Structure Storm and Fracture

Band : Coins As Portraits
Album : Form and Structure Storm and Fracture
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Chaotic | Grindcore | Experimental

Tracklist :
01. Great Numbers
02. The Curator’s Brush
03. The Plot
04. The Human Predicament: Part I
05. The Human Predicament: Part II
06. Overcome By Assumption
07. Solipsism

We’re a catapult. Our songs are meant to provoke and agitate. There’s no specific formula for what we do, we just love fast grinding and meshing things up.
Lyrically, we approach the human predicament with references to man’s part in life, society, philosophy and knowledge.

"Holy Shit" the first words that out from my mouth when i first listen this record!! "15 minutes of dissonant madness. insane fucked up grindcore with unpredictable songwriting." This is another release from Fading Halo Records Assosiated with Asiuum Arts. Coins As Portraits is come from Brasov, Romanis and they playing a kind of crazy shit prog/grind/chaotic sound!! They bring me back to the moment where i used to listen to Uphill Battle everyday!! Yeah, They reminds me so much to Uphill Battle!! I Really like the two different vocal style that they offer, shouting each other!! This band is awesome, they playing a kind of jazzy riff in some parts which makes this EP more complex but still "catchy". Well if you enjoying Uphill Battle or another crazy shit grinding sound, you must listen to it!! Well, get it and enjoy!!!

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