Sunday, October 7, 2012

Five Minute Ride - 2005 The World Needs Convincing Of All That It's Missing

Band : Five Minute Ride
Album : The World Needs Convincing Of All That It's Missing
Release Year : 2005
Genre : Post-Hardcore

Tracklist :
01 Spread The Word
02 The Rapture Was Yesterday
03 The Summer Of The Southern Belles
04 Sinking Conscience
05 I Knew A Girl Named Love York
06 Oh, These Woeful Days
07 Comparing Objects In A Group

Five Minute Ride was a post-hardcore band from Sacramento, California. The band features Kurt Travis, next vocalist of Dance Gavin Dance.
This is an extremely solid EP. Be aware, this isn't the Kurt Travis you heard on Dance Gavin Dance's latest effort. His vocals are constantly alternating form singing to screaming in the blink of an eye. The guitars are very fast-paced and interesting, albeit a bit repetitive at times. The EP starts with a minute or so long instrumental track, and then leads into "The Rapture Was Yesterday," where Travis displays his vocal ability right off the bat. The harsh screaming is a trend throughout the EP, and you never know when Travis could go from soaring vocals into a piercing, high pitched scream-a-thon. One thing that interests me a lot with this release, is the bassist's ability. He, unlike most post-hardcore acts, does not simply go along with whatever the hell the guitarists are doing. He sort of does his own thing, giving the songs much more depth than you would normally see from a post-hardcore band. His skills as a bassist are evident in "I Knew A Girl Named Love York," which is really his showcase. Nothing that Five Minute Ride does is what you would normally expect from a post-hardcore band. They aren't extremely generic, they aren't easily accessible to 13 year old girls wearing black eye makeup, and they don't use the common formulas. With The World Needs Convincing Of All That It's Missing, the guys of Five Minute Ride really showed they had the chops to be a great post-hardcore band.

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