Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Sick Lipstick - 2002 The Sick Lipstick

Band : The Sick Lipstick
Album : The Sick Lipstick
Release Year : 2002
Genre : Noise | Punk | Experimental

1 The Bloody Ropes
2 Creamy Plastic Pink Leotard
3 Sermon From Between His Legs
4 Smudged Lipstick
5 Cardinal Newman
6 Let Me See Your Woman's Bump

Shortly after the demise of their former band Black Cat #13 in 2001, Lindsey Gillard and Mark McLean joined forces with Allan Graham to form the quirky punk rock group The Sick Lipstick. During the two-year period in which Black Cat #13 was together, they managed to garner a large, devout following, even though they only put out a handfull of vinyl-only releases, including a 7” on the influencial Three.One.G label.

The band’s debut EP was released by Sound Virus, an up and coming California label that has put out records by great and cutting edge bands such as The Blood Brothers, Liars and Pretty Girls Make Graves. Since it’s release in September of 2002, the EP has sold strongly with little promotion, due to the large following of Black Cat #13.

A punk album on acid. This is absolutely NOT for the typical punk fan, but for a more open minded punk fan, if any. A homerun for the noise punk/lo-fi genre!

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