Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Black Heart Rebellion - 2008 Monologue

Band : The Black Heart Rebellion
Album : Monologue
Release Year : 2008
Genre : Screamo / Post-Rock / Experimental

Tracklist :
01 The Morphing Light 
02 Leaving The Capitals 
03 Machining 
04 Enclave 
05 Amongst The Nomads 
06 Erase
07 The Darkest of Men 
The Black Heart Rebellion is one of the most promising bands to come out of the Belgian hardcorescene in the last couple of years. Their sound is greatly influenced by instrumental bands like Red Sparowes and Mogwai, combined with the dark atmosphere of bands like Cult Of Luna and Isis and the screaming intensity of bands like Amanda Woodward. By using visual effects at their shows and by making all the artwork themselves, The Black Heart Rebellion attempts to turn every record and every live performance into a full-fledged assault on your eyes, eardrums and those tiny hairs on the back of your neck.

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