Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cloud Mouth - 2011 That Ghost is Always with Me

Band : Cloud Mouth
Album : That Ghost is Always with Me
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Screamo / Noise / Punk

Tracklist :
A1 Waves
A2 Take Me Out Into the Cold
A3 Shark Week
B1 The Dream is Dead
B2 Hell is Real
B3 Down In It
Cloud Mouth are a relatively new band from Chicago, IL who play punk/hardcore, 90's screamo. The first thing that struck me when listening to Cloud Mouth is the passion and intensity of the music played by these guys. I'm hard pressed to describe Cloud Mouth, but could definitely hear influences from 90's era screamo bands such as City of Caterpillar, The Fiction, as well as newer bands such as ...Who Calls So Loud and Drowning With Our Anchors. Upon listening further, I also hear some post-rock and dirty, grunge influenced noise rock a la The Catalyst as well. -elementaryrevolt 

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