Friday, February 25, 2011

We are Carnivores - 2007 Well-Wisher

Band : We are Carnivores
Album : Well-Wisher
Release Year : 2007
Genre : Post-Hardcore / Screamo / Progressive / Experimental
Tracklist :
2.Dead Trust
3.Going To Ruin
4.Roll On 4am
5.Beckon The Tides

These Britons are obvious fans of Refused, which I personally have in common with them. Don’t expect a second ‘Shape Of Punk To Come’, but more a continuation of the older ‘Songs To Fan The Flame Of Discontent’, although it lacks a real dance floor smash hit like ‘Rather Be Dead’. Besides, frontman/guitarist Tim is vocally speaking (naturally) not a shadow of Refused’ Dennis Lyxzen. In any case We Are Carnivores are in spite of their name a whole lot lighter than their Swedish idols, and the band mixes some postrock and Fugazi-emo through their sound, which legally dismisses their status as a Refused clone. Another thing to dismiss is the term ‘full-length’ because with its twenty-five minutes this effort can hardly be called one. Did I mention the wonderful album cover already? If you like raw meat and progressive hardcore this band could make you happy. I think We Are Carnivores for the moment lacks some weight to belong to the Premiership of progressive hardcore.

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