Wednesday, February 23, 2011

LO - 2008 Spring (EP)

Band : LO
Album : Spring (EP)
Release Year : 2008
Genre : Screamo / Artcore / Post-Rock

Tracklist :
1.The Blossoms They Bloom
2.Avarice, Avarice
3.Turn To Him The Other
4.When Night Falls
5.The Light Within You
6.We Speak Of Dying

LO is a Korean band playing a mix of hardcore, and punk. Something of a supergroup within the Korean scene, they consist of Ian Gallagher (bass/vocals; ex-Unroot), Shin Seung-Jae (guitar; Things We Say, Propeller21, No Excuse) and Ryu Myung-Hoon (drums; 49 Morphines, RUX, Firestorm, ex-Things We Say, etc). LO formed in 2008, and quickly signed to GMC Records who released the debut MCD ‘Spring’.
New areas to challenge the three veterans of the music created by a beautiful band (Lo) of the first flare Spring

Yimosyeoneol New School band had a hard-core system Unroot music as a systemic one (Lo) of the first Ep which means a new beginning in the spring the main concepts and try their own songs sound was done to find the target. The future in mind whether you can go in any direction as your property while Screamo, hardcore, modern rock and classical music has the grandeur of trying to mix the songs short and simple configuration of the simplicity of punk to chic use Raise, above all, very solid As a beautiful sound, and the song captured the never-ending energy.
Their sounds like Maths, or Lizard Have Personalities.

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