Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Matsuri - 2007 Whales (EP)

Band : Matsuri
Album : Whales (EP)
Release Year : 2007
Genre : Screamo / Ambient
Tracklist :
01. Devils in the Womb (Choking on the Biblical Umbilical)
02. Nu Nu
03. Stevemom!
04. Details in the Static (So Keep Your Chin Up)
05. No Rest for the Rich (Cause Theyre All Doing Cocaine)

Discoverd this band from, i never heard them before and i give a try to listen and oh, it's good.
Matsuri is a screamo band from sunburn city! California. Musically this band is mixture of plenty of scarred style and melody which is great. Musically this band is mixture of melody, punch, and plenty of scarred style.  Vocally this band is somewhat spoken word, screaming, and pure emotion in every word.Here's their first EP, and you should listen to it, this is good stuff.

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