Saturday, March 5, 2011

Between The Buried And Me - 2008 Colors_Live

Band : Between the Buried and Me
Album : Colors_Live
Release Year : 2008
Genre : Progressive / Metal / Experimental

Tracklist : 
CD 1
1. Foam Born:The Backtrack
2. The Decade Of Statues
3. Informal Gluttony
4. Sun Of Nothing
5. Ants Of The Sky
6. Prequel To The Sequel
7. Viridian
8. White Walls  

CD 2
1. Mordecai
2. Shavanel Cut a Flip
3. Backwards Marathon
4. Ad a Dglgmut
5. Aspirations
6. Selkies: The Endless Obsession

The fantastic voyage that BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME charted at the creation of their groundbreaking record Colors was both cathartic, magical and life-affirming for the band. Becoming one solid unit of artists and recording their definitive record in such a cohesive fashion is a very rare feat. Colors has since become one of the most celebrated records in the metal and rock spectrums. But for performers of this pedigree, the true endurance test is the ability to represent their art together on a nightly basis in a flawless fashion. Many fans measure the artists they celebrate on how well they truly deliver their craft in front of a captivating audience.
BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME is extremely proud to present you with Colors_LIVE.

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