Monday, March 21, 2011

Broken Chords Can Sing A Little - 2010 Discography

Band : Broken Chords Can Sing A Little
Album : Discography
Release Year : 2010
Genre : Screamo / Emo

Tracklist :
2008 Prologue :
01. Untitled 1
02. Untitled 2
03. Untitled 3
04. Untitled 4
05. Untitled 5
2008 Part I :
01 Chapter I
02 Chapter II
03 Chapter III
04 Chapter IV
2008 Part II :
01 Chapter V
02 Chapter VI
Part III (Split With Giuseppe) :
01 Chapter 1
02 If A Body Catch A Body

2010 Part IV :
01 My Years In The Bell Jar
02 Falling Slowly

2010 Part V :
01 The Summer They Electrocuted The Rosenbergs
02 Chapter 3
03 Pop Punk and Chapter 5
04 Never Compromise
05 Chapter 6

 Broken Chords Can Sing A Little formed in the fall of 2008 in an attic in Lancaster. The music they give to the world is filled with emotion and desperation that is best described as beautiful.

Broken Chords Can Sign A Little has finally released their whole discography.
If you've never heard them visit their Myspace or Facebook. They really, really don't like trying to describe their sound or genre because they believe that the music should just speak for itself, but their sound ranges from old school screamo to hardcore to indie. If you've never heard us, they also would suggest that you start by listening to the albums Part III, Part IV and Part V which are all comprised of quality recordings done in a great, professional studio in Reading, PA. Prologue and Parts I and II are early recordings of the band that are just as great, but the quality is a little rough. Enjoy!

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