Monday, March 21, 2011

Downfall Of Gaia & In The Hearts Of Emperors - 2011 Split

Band : Downfall Of Gaia & In The Hearts Of Emperors
Album : Split
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Screamo / Crust / Atmospheric

Tracklist :
01 these wet feathers
02 won't dry on their own
03 marching into forever
04 tears fall down in order to watch us fall / you are bleeding every shed of light is dying

 DOWNFALL OF GAIA from germany and IN THE HEARTS OF EMPERORS from sweden share this split together and i think there wouldn't be a better fitting combination to do this. Both band play this dark crust,doom,punk style. DOWNFALL OF GAIA contribute two (more one long) song to this split. It starts very slow like you already heared it on some of their last songs on 'epos'. It grows and grows over a few minutes until it breaks out. Epic, athosmpheric parts meet blast. To compare it to other bands you can say ALPINIST meets FALL OF EFRAFA here. IN THE HEARTS OF EMPERORS are the counterpart to DOG. I really could copy and paste what I wrote before. Three dark, detuned songs array to one long song here. Dark and angry vocals meet hard guitar lines. Reminds me very much to Amen Ra. The LP comes in a heavy gatefoldcover with a printed inside. The vinyl itself will be pressed on heavy (180gr) red wax. There will also be a poster included. -collective-zine

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