Friday, March 18, 2011

Chinese Cookie Poets - 2010 Chinese Cookie Poets (EP)

Band : Chinese Cookie Poets
Album : Chinese Cookie Poets (EP)
Release Year : 2010
Genre : Instrumental / Progressive / Noise / Freestyle / Jazz

Tracklist :
1.Bone Catcher   
2.How to Clean Storage Pain
3.Dissident Lounge   
4.Flat Tire Bikes
5.Arnold´s Typewriter   
6.Live at Audio Rebel 27-07-10

Chinese Poets Cookie is an instrumental trio formed in mid 2010 by Marcos Campello - guitar and violin / Philip Zenicola - electric bass and acoustic / Renato Godoy - Drums.
Presented in two formats: acoustic and electric - that despite having radically different aesthetic, somehow keep the sound CCP. In their concerts, sometimes improvised, sometimes running arrangements hermetically sealed from one another in unexpected ways.
For those hungry for comparisons, CCP crosses many styles compounds and hyped acts as Noise-Rock, Nu-Funk, Prov-Free, No-Wave, Out-Cry, Free-Jazz, Latin, Punk, Proto-Samba ...
Some claim that the trio's sound is extremely intense and visceral, sometimes elegant, while others classify it as nonsense-free, aggressive almost commonplace, a few can still find grace.
They play their own material, or Tony Williams, Tom Waits, Eric Dolphy, Marc Ribot, John Zorn…
In November 2010 they released their first EP under the label Multifoco.

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