Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cutting Pink With Knives - 2007 Populuxxe

Band : Cutting Pink With Knives
Album : Populuxxe
Release Year : 2007
Genre : Nintendocore / Electronic / Experimental

Tracklist :
1. St. Lazare
2. Coasts
3. St. Mark
4. Airz
5. See Emm Sea
6. You're Late
7. Idic
8. Montreal, Renegade
9. Pyramids
10. No Falcons
11. Lightning's Solar Crystal Power
12. Universal Models
13. All Our Oldest Spirits And Ghosts
14. Lions
15. Laser Hannon
16. Cosmic Explosion Of The Velvets

Pity the poor weekend kid whose final job at insert reputable record store here before a return to a five-day slog of sixth form nonsense is to rack this album, the second inverted-commas long-player from London-based synapse-butchers Cutting Pink With Knives. Rock/pop? Fair enough, yet Populuxxe is neither and both. And stupid-electro-core. And drum-and-bass-in-space. And camp-pop-jazz. And jizz-splatter-keyz. And screamo-jerk-filth. And something in-between that man’s had no need ‘til now to coin a pigeonhole for.
Although running to 16 tracks, this is an album that really doesn’t outstay its welcome at a brief 25 minutes long – seizure-inducing bursts of bombast, replete with vocals straight out of a slasher flick played at double speed, buzz past the listener with such frightening ferocity (sub that for ‘velocity’ and it still rings true) that each break – a little synth boogie here, some super-cheesy ‘80s hair-metal geetar licks there – is an oasis in a desert swarming with gun-toting hostiles. An album for those short of attention span this most certainly is – weekend record store kids will have had fag-break wanks that lasted longer than Populuxxe.
Compositionally, CPWK have progressed quite noticeably from their fun but one-dimensional debut, Oh Wow!; whereas that offered a series of sound-alike blasts of ADHD electro-infected screamo, here the band breaks from the aggressive stereotype to deliver a healthy does of fun into proceedings. The increased presence of high-in-the-mix keys – set within the frantic beat structure of pieces that jerk like convulsive Smurfs – adds an air of Blood Brothers to an already potent mix; as a result, CPWK’s potential audience quadruples in an instant. This is music you can dance to in the most over-the-top manner possible (read: get electric-boogaloo) and fuck some dude’s face up to. If he puts a foot out of line, that is – CPWK don’t go for that King of the Pit shit, at least not without a knowing smile.


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