Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Das Oath - 2004 Das Oath LP

Band : Das Oath
Album : Das Oath LP
Release Year : 2004
Genre : Thrash / Hardcore / Screamo / Fastcore

Tracklist :
1. Kult Starts The (Somew)here
2. Awesome Rape
3. Great News From The South Pole
4. Quiet!: Subtle Pretext Chiming In
5. Leaning Tower Of Pisa Crap
6. Blood Oranges
7. Comatose Life of Wonderment
8. The Great Anything
9. Disney Surgery
10. The Pagen Winter Sale
11. Get out of Your Scene
12. Nobody's Married Me In Years
13. A Biggot Is A Spic
14. Harmonized
15. The Virtue of Elitism
16. Untitled

Das Oath have been controversially tearing up the hardcore scene for years, making themselves to the 'enfants terrible' of their own scene! The band's inception in 2000 started with the selfreleased first single on Youth Attack Records, Gloom Records and Coalition Records, who also recently released a discography CD of all their odd a impossible to find vinyl material up to their debut album. Das Oath have constantly been pushing their own boundaries and their vision on punk, by subverting their art through their record covers and layouts.

The formation of the band should,according the press release, have been impossible, due to the fact half of the band emanates frm New York while the other half comes from the Netherlands, but thankfully Das Oath are here. They are a band that takes hardcore and has fun with it. They sound like they are having a blast writing these songs as they are almost over as fast as it takes you to completely focus your attention on the music. While not quite the 30-second blasts from Napalm Death, there is a lot here to take on board with the tracks flying at a speed that just makes you want to trash your room. I'm sure the studio took a beating on tracks such as Awesome Rape where singer Mark McCoy must have really shredded his vocal chords. Occasionally for me, the spped of the songs can almost make them sound comic, but here there is a real sense of worth. The sound plays alot to the older school of hardcore with nods to bands such as Agnostic Front and The Germs. People complain today that there isn't enough originality in music, but while I agree music needs to progress, there's only a certain amount of progression that can be made over any time period. While there is always respect as bands attempt to embrace the new, you must also expect bands to work within genres and use their influences to create their own sound. Das Oath just writes some great fun and fast hardcore songs that will have you chomping at the bit to get into the pit.


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