Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hewhocorrupts - 2004 The Discographer

Band : Hewhocorrupts
Album : The Discographer
Release Year : 2004
Genre : Power Violence / Noisecore / Grindcore

Tracklist :
1 Master of Profits (live on WZRD) 
2 Sell 'Em All (live on WZRD) 
3 Young Boy Gets Cancer (After Smokin' Your Ass)
4 Dominatric Dance Design (Live)
5 Too Much Cock at the Cocktail Party (Live) 
6 Who's Buying Lunch? (Live)
7 Scream In Sonar (Live)
8 Young Boy Attacked By Bees (Boy is Allergic to Bees)
9 One Block East, Two Blocks Up Your Ass (Live)
10 Control the White Load (Live)
11 Welcome To the Jungle (Guns 'N Roses Cover)
12 A Nice Warm Cup of Shut the Hell Up (Remix)
13 One Block East, Two Blocks Up Your Ass (Remix)
14 Young Boy Attacked By Bees (Boy is Allergic to Bees) (Remix)
15 Young Boy Yelling At Mom (Mom Hid Boy's Metallica T-Shirt)  (Remix)
16 Master Of Profits 
17 Sell 'Em All 
18 One Million Dollars
19 Wall Street: Revisited
20 Ride the Limo
21 My Unbearable Battle With Keyboard Semen
22 Say One More Thing and I'll Drop a Bus on Your Head
23 Baby, You're So Worth the Investment  
24 Too Much Cock at the Cocktail Party
25 Who's Buying Lunch?
26 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is! 
27 No Personal Emails 
28 I've Got Two Words For You and They Aren't Happy Birthday 
29 Control the White Load
30 One Block East, Two Blocks Up Your Ass 
31 This Is Six Cymbal Hits
32 Screams In Sonar 
33 9 To 5 Kiss Your Ass Goodbye
34 Young Boy Throws Jesus In the Water (Jesus Gets Upset)
35 Young Boy Gets Cancer (After Smoking Your Ass) 
36 Young Boy Yelling At Mom (Mom Hid Boy's Metallica T-Shirt) 
37 Young Boy Attacked By Bees (Boy is Allergic to Bees) 
38 Two Buckets of Fuck You Plaster 
39 A Small Electrical Fire In My Pants 
40 Seizure Experiment Postponed For Friday 
41 Firecracker Cocaine Bars
42 Peace Be With You (Tommy Camaro Version)
43 Q: Can I Sample This? A: No 
44 I'll Give You a Candy Bar If You Get the Fuck Out of My Face
45 Just Testing My New Interface 
46 Dominatric Dance Design
47 Pushups For Jesus 
48 Architecture of the Penis and Vagina
49 Shot Through the Heart But It's Too Late 
50 The Key To Burning Down the System 
51 A Nice Cup of Shut the Hell Up
52 First Blood 
53 Autobot Matrix 
54 Crotch Grabber 
55 Fuck 294 (The Tri State)
56 Struggle Within 
57 Jaffray the Destroyer 
58 Consciencious Objector 
59 Solution 
60 Stigmata of the Working Class 
61 Straight Outta Da Ghetto  

Hewhocorrupts is a Chicago-based grindcore band most known for their songs mocking Metallica, making reference to the notorious allegations of the group having sold out by parodying the band's song titles with their own business-related counterparts: Ride the Lightning is retitled Ride the Limo and Master of Puppets becomes Master of Profits. This jab of satire is carried through the entire band's style. Their own site refers to them as "Hewhocorrupts Megacorp.", and they appear in a costume of business suits and aviator sunglasses informally known as "hardcorporate", in reference to other styles such as hardcore, grindcore, etc.
 Members of the band were in the power violence/grindcore band Kungfu Rick and in Authority Abuse. The band Hewhocorrupts operates a record label which has released albums by such artists as: 7000 Dying Rats, Authority Abuse, Dont Worry About It, Fordirelifesake, Fork Knife Spoon, Godstomper, Holy Roman Empire, Infestation of Ass, John Brown Battery, (Lone) Wolf & Cub, Mexican Cheerleader, Not Enough Gold, Plague Bringer, Russian Circles, Stillwell, Third Degree, Tower of Rome, Tusk, Wilbur Cobb.

 And now finally, all of HeWhoCorrupts' out of print splits, EPs, and comp tracks are available on one disc. This features the He Who Corrupts tracks from their splits with Fordirelifesake, Infestation of Ass, Third Degree, Don't Worry About It, Godstomper, Wilbur Cobb, and Tusk, as well as the Master of Profits EP, live tracks, the original Optimus Prime demo, as well as a few unreleased tracks from the Ten Steps to Success session. Hear He Who Corrupts as they evolve into the leaders of corporate grind. Enjoy!

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