Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Morning Again - 2002 Hand of the Martyr

Band : Morning Again
Album : Hand of the Martyr
Release Year : 2002
Genre : Hardcore / Metalcore / Straight Edge

Tracklist :
"Hand of Hope"
1. Turning Over
2. Family Ties
3. America On Line
4. Minus One
5. Remedy
6. Hand of Hope
7. God Framed Me

8. Not by Birth
9. Slave
10. Broken Promises
11. Puppet and Soldier
12. No Path to Follow
13. Cradel of Empty Promises
14. Martyr

"Live in Belgium"
15. Dictation of Beauty
16. Turning Over
17. God Framed Me
18. Not by Birth
19. Uncivil Hands

Morning Again was a hardcore band from Florida. They were known for their extreme metallic hardcore sound as well as for their straight edge, vegan and anti-government ideas. The band was a "sister band" to Culture, often switching members after one had left the other. Several members went on to play in other bands such as As Friends Rust and Dead Blue Sky. The band was originally from Cooper City, Florida, but moved to Fort Lauderdale in 1998.
'Hand of the Martyr' collects Morning Again's classic releases, 'Hand of Hope', and 'Martyr' all on one disc. The CD also includes a never- before released live set from Morning Again's first European tour. The CD is fully remixed and remastered by Jeremy Staska of the famed Studio 13 (Poison the Well, Until The End, Divine Empire). The CD also comes with a beautiful full color layout done by Eulogy art guru Ian Rowan. Morning Again's blend of fast paced, Slayerish metal and the pounding mosh of bands like Earth Crisis.

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