Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Resurrectionists - 2010 S/T LP

Band : Resurrectionists
Album : S/T LP
Release Year : 2010
Genre : Emo Violence / Screamo / Hardcore

Tracklist :
01.fuck your tolerance
05.U¦ê 30
08.alles wird anders
09.zu langsam
Resurrectionists hail from north-western Germany, and play a combination of pummeling "bremen style" hardcore mixed with chaotic "withing hour-esque" emo-violence/screamo. This band is tight, very heavy, and has multiple vocalists. This band contains ex-members of Arsen Aka König Der Monster and The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra and current members of ding dong dead.

This is the first full length from Germany's Resurrectionsts. This has the pulverizing power and overwhelming wall of noise that only German HC can produce. Take swirling wild guitars, drums that seem to be going way too fast and add 2 chained animals on vocals and that's the general sound. Heavy as hell, this disaster doesn't let you up for a second.

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