Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shelter - 1997 Beyond Planet Earth

Band : Shelter
Album : Beyond Planet Earth
Release Year : 1997
Genre : Krishnacore / Straight Edge / Hardcore / Punk
Tracklist :
01. Revealed In Reflection
02. I Know So Little
03. Rejuvenate
04. Hated To Love
05. Refusal
06. Whole Wide World
07. Helpless
08. Beyond Planet Earth
09. Time's Ticking Away
10. Man Or Beast
11. In Praise Of Others
12. Eleventh Day Of The Moon
13. Untitled
Well, this time for the classic album.
Shelter is a Hare Krishna Hardcore Punk Band from New York City.
Formed by Ray Cappo of Youth of Today and originally comprising members of 76% Uncertain and Tom Capone from Beyond / Bold.
 If you have never listened to Shelter than you have never experienced the passion that this band plays with. Shelter has been spreading their message for a good part of the last ten years. Released in 1997, this was Shelter’s follow up to the album “Mantra”. My expectations were pretty high considering how much of a groundbreaking record “Mantra” was. I guess that is why I initially was unimpressed with this record. However after I listened to the record about 5 times, I began to see that although “Beyond this Planet Earth” does not match “Mantra” it is a solid record. Many of the songs contain the same elements that make Shelter great. “Revealed in Reflection” starts off the record and it is a song that typifies Shelters true sound. The band starts off with a soft-sounding beginning and eventually crescendos into a crash and burn ending.

If you like Shelter song’s that are of the political nature, you would like tracks “Man or Beast” and “Helpless”. These are the songs that have social and political overtones that Shelter, I would assume, writes with the hope of making the listener think about the type of lifestyle they are living. Don’t worry though, you will not be brainwashed. Shelter preaches a vegetarian lifestyle, but I am sure that the band has influenced many others to change. Shelter also delivers a couple of spiritual tunes that preach about the type of Buddhism that the band practices. “Beyond Planet Earth” and “ The eleventh day on the moon” all talk about the religious beliefs of the band. The cover of the CD also looks like a Buddhist type of drawing.

Although “Beyond this Planet Earth” does not come close to matching up with “Mantra” and it is only 13 songs (plus one bonus remix), it still captures the sound that Shelter has made their own. If you are a shelter fan, buy this record. If you never heard of Shelter and want to hear them, buy “Mantra” instead of this album.

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